Extreme Adventure on Nomads of the Seas In Patagonia, Chile

Nomads of the Seas takes guests on the trip of a lifetime. For those who love adventure and exploring new destinations get ready for activities like Extreme fly-fishing and more on the Nomads of the Seas, the first luxury cruise to ever to invite guests to experience the beauty and isolation of Southern Chile’s Patagonia by air, land and water. Only 28 passengers venture out on this amazing adventure. Will you be one of those who is pampered by personalized service in plush accommodations?

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  1. Editorial Staff Says:

    “Our goal was to create a unique experience combining adventure, nature preservation, and lush surroundings, with a different dimension of luxury,” said Mr. Ergas, President of Nomads of the Seas. We guarantee each and every one of our guests a unique level of carefully-planned details at all times and in all places”, he added.

    The Nomads of the Seas is equipped with equipped with a six passenger Bell 407 helicopter, six jet boats, six Zodiac for heli-fishing operations and a Zodiac Hurricane 920 with twin 250 hp four-stroke outboards for 16 passengers and two crew members. In addition, it carries a spectacular air-water transportation system, specifically designed to service extreme fly-fishing, whale-watching, ecotourism and soft adventure excursions.

    Among the Activities to experience are:

    * Extreme Fly-Fishing, *Whale-Watching Adventure, *Bird-Watching Expeditions, *Ecotourism Adventures
    Nomads of the Seas kicks off their week-long excursions throughout the area as of November of this year, departing on Saturdays from the seaport of Puerto Montt, Chile. Future expeditions will run from October through April.

    Note on transportation:

    The nearest airport is Aeropuerto El Tepual in the city of Puerto Montt, Chile. From the United States, visit either the Lan Chile Web site or American Airlines Web site, which have regular flights to the southern city. Transportation from the airport to the embarking port is provided. If the adventurer is already in Chile, the two-hour flight from Santiago to Puerto Montt serviced by many local airlines, including Lan Chile and Sky Airlines.

    Learn More

    Visit the Nomads of the Seas website for current schedules and packages deals: http://www.nomadsoftheseas.com

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